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Our TourneyCentral video

Grandma and grandpa want to see their grandson Billy play in his first away soccer tournament. How will they find the right field and times Billy plays?

Fortunately, Billy's coach applied to a TourneyCentral soccer tournament so finding all this information was easy.
Billy's grandma went to the website, clicked on Schedules, found Billy's team name and got his schedule in seconds.

Our second video.. released July 30, 2012

Marcy has just been named her club's soccer tournament director. She searches for the best solution to help her manage all the tasks that go along with hosting a soccer tournament.

Warrior Classic soccer tournament celebrates 25th year

HUBER HEIGHTS – What do the numbers 8 million, 500, 25, and five have in common? They are all milestone numbers for the 25th annual adidas Warrior Classic, and the Warrior Soccer Club.

When first conceptualized three decades ago, tournament co-director Carol Maas said that about 50-60 teams were expected and 162 participated in the event.

“They came from all over,” she said.

Maas, who is now in her 25th year helping to oversee what is arguably the Dayton region’s premier youth soccer tournament, if not its premier youth sporting event, sees her participation with the adidas Warrior Classic as a true “labor of love.”

Asked if she has issues dealing with the complexities of managing the event Maas responded, “Some days yes, most days not.”
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Get ready to pig out on BBQ and soccer this weekend

Mark Peebles checks the smoker in his Englewood restaurant.

The adidas Warrior Soccer Classic soccer tournament, one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the United States, will see a new food vendor in 2010.

Oink-A-Doodle-Moo, a bar-b-que restaurant in Englewood is testing the waters so to speak, and will be at Thomas Cloud Park in Huber Heights, near Dayton, Ohio, for the event on Memorial Day Weekend.

“This is another avenue to get exposure,” said Mark Peebles, Oink-A-Doodle-Moo’s president and founder. “We like being part of the community and supporting youth sports teams.”

This is the second youth soccer tournament that Oink-A-Doodle-Moo will be at tempting tourney attendees with items from is savory menu. And if Peebles has his way, the passion emanating from Carol Maas, Director of the adidas Warrior Soccer Classic, and Gerard McLean of TourneyCentral will lead to other forays at youth soccer tournaments in the Dayton, Ohio area.

“I didn’t grow up playing soccer, but when I see Gerard and Carol and see their passion, it gets you excited to be associated with something like this,” Peebles said.

Plus, being at an event where participants and attendees come from literally all over the USA is beneficial for business.

“We are gaining exposure in the local area, but because we have a franchise plan set up we are able to possibly recruit people from other cities as well,” Peebles said.

Oink-A-Doodle-Moo conservatively estimates it will sell in excess of 200 pounds of meat, and go through a dozen or more gallons of sauce.

No scheduling conflicts and late Sat games

With the recession pulling into it’s second (or third) year, we’re seeing a lot of teams request a late Saturday morning start so they don’t have to book rooms into a hotel for Friday night. As you can imagine, accommodating this request puts a serious strain on the scheduling as most of the time, the start times are determined by the number of fields and the number of daylight hours available. While you can sometimes squeak out another field somewhere, tacking another hour of sunlight on the end of a day is impossible.

So what to do? You don’t want to turn away a team if you don’t have to, but re-writing the laws of nature to fit an economic reality is just not going to happen. When most teams are now asking for a late Saturday start, it become mathematically impossible to grant the request.

Our advice: Publish a cut off date for late Saturday start requests. Instead of trying an Early Bird discount or other pricing scheme to get teams to apply early, have a date or volume cut off. Perhaps only the first two teams for each age group can request a late Saturday start. Once those requests are used up, there are no more. And, while you are at it, do the same for multiple-team coaches. It rewards the teams with special requests to apply early without compromising the price and value of your tournament.

Be sure to promote visibly and keep track of the number of requests. Reward the requester handsomely and make it crystal clear that the reason you are honoring (or denying) the request is because they applied and paid early (or not.) Once you start doing this, competition for special considerations next year will be fierce.

Market Day debuts soccer fundraising at the Warrior Classic

20080427marketday DAYTON – Market Day is known best for fundraising in schools, but this year, it is branching out into soccer tournaments and clubs. The Warrior Soccer Classic is the first soccer tournament to feature the soccer-specific fund-raiser.

“We met at the US Youth Soccer Convention in Pittsburgh,” says Carol Maas, co-director for the Classic. “It was an instant marriage of common interest and goals.” Mass added that Market Day was a good match for the 24,000 plus participants of the annual soccer tournament.

According to Kristine Holtz, 40, president and CEO for Market Day, the fundraising organization was founded in the early 1970s by Trudy Temple in response to her daughter’s request for a cake for the school bake sale. Instead, Temple brought cases of fresh produce and soon found herself being asked to do the same for more schools.

“The soccer tournament fund-raising concept is just an extension of what Market Day already does well,” Holtz added. “We’re excited to partner with the Classic to introduce the concept to soccer.”

The Warrior Soccer Classic is held every year over Memorial Day Weekend in Dayton, Oh. at Thomas Cloud Park, Oakwood Old River, Ankeney Complex and the Vandalia Soccer Fields. The Classic is hosting over 525 teams in forty-three divisions; boys, girls and amateur men and women, under 8-19. Nine hundred nine games will be played over the three-day weekend.

For more information on the Warrior Classic or Market Day, visit the tournament Web site at www.warriorclassic.com.

PHOTO: Maas demonstrates the Market Day product line available to teams during the Warrior Classic.

Visit the event web site….