In 1999, I was at a soccer tournament with my daughter. I had no idea where she had to play or what time she needed to be there. The maps were all wrong and there was no place to check the schedule. Through dumb luck, I found her team and she didn’t miss her game.

There had to be a better way.

While I was waiting for the soccer world to provide all of us with a better tournament system, turns out they were waiting for me. So, I convinced my software company that we should start building TourneyCentral. And we’ve never stopped. Every year, we kept adding more and more cool things.

We started with the basic question: How do we get parents and grandparents to their kids games on time? From that first tournament to our full, year-round calendar today, we’ve never stopped asking that same question. As it turns out, when you start with the soccer parents and take care of their needs, everything else takes care of itself.

End-to-end soccer tournament management
At first glance, a TourneyCentral site is a full-featured web site that helps you manage your soccer tournament. When you look deeper, you’ll find we are seasoned experts with experience in branding, merchandising, marketing, sales, sponsorship, database design, data management, efficiency and general smarts to help you gain a competitive advantage for your event.

Soccer tournaments is all TourneyCentral does. Our attention isn’t diverted by league registrations or team rankings. We have a laser-focus on providing what your tournament needs to get and stay competitive.

If your soccer tournament is not signed up for TourneyCentral, what are you waiting for?


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