Why does a TourneyCentral Tournament Web Site work so well?

There really is no secret other than doing business by three guiding principles:
– Keep it simple; Make it work. Every time.
– Build the site from the parents’ point of view. Everything else will take care of itself.
– Be honest and deliver what you promise, on time, every time.

That’s pretty much it. Everything else is a detail.

What are the set up fees to start a TourneyCentral site?

$0.00, nothing, zip, nadda, zilch, free.
We will create the graphic header with your logo and soccer tournament name and set up the software all for the low, low price of free. Really.

I’m in. How do I sign up my tournament?

We really like your energy, but we would like to make sure that TourneyCentral is right for your event. You may either drop us a line at 937-836-7477 or fill out the form here. Don’t worry about being sold to; we hate that whole thing too.

If you decide to go ahead, the process to set up is fairly straightforward:

1. Answer some basic questions and send us a clean logo
2. We set it up and send you an email (usually that same day)
3. You complete the details like the About page, event details, etc
4. We create your header artwork
5. Turn on live when you are ready to take apps.

That’s it. We’ll be here to guide you through the process.

What makes a TourneyCentral web site different from all the other tournament web site guys out there?

Four key things makes TourneyCentral your best choice:
Everything is done under your tournament brand
ALL of the tournament operations takes place WITHIN YOUR DOMAIN. We do not link to third-party web sites for scheduling, hotels, tournament information, etc. The teams KNOW they are doing business with YOU.

The modules allow you to do everything in Real-Time, from accepting teams to building advertising to building a schedule, entering scores and standings and sending out broadcast emails that also automatically update the front news. It is ALL Real-Time. All the time.

Tight Integration
Every module works well together. The team performance is tied with their application, which is integrated in the schedule, etc. This saves you HOURS of data entry and tracking time and lets you know exactly what is happening with your tournament at all times.

Really smart people
We don’t just sell a software solution; we’re on the ground, listening and learning. We write books to help you manage your tournament. Since we make a point to get out and see the tournament action before, during and after the games, we are able to advise on marketing strategies, managing hotels, seeding and divisioning teams, managing sponsorship and advertising programs, etc. Everything you need to do to pull off a successful tournament event, we know too!

It is all about operations, not really cool software (which we also happen to have.) We understand that EVERYTHING must fit neatly together for your guest teams to have their best experience. Only then will they tell more teams and keep coming back.

Do you sell, rent or lease email addresses and information collected on team applications.

Absolutely not! In fact, as part of the SaaS agreement, we require the tournament to promise not to give out, sell, lease or otherwise make available this information to any third party without your permission.

We’re not in the business of selling any other product and we respect your privacy. Period.

How do you price your software?

Our software is priced at a small fee per team, per event, per year. Starting with the 2017 event year, all our DEALS listings (advertising) are FREE. You will only ever get two invoices from us; one when you sign up or roll-over to the next year (33% of your estimated or last year’s teams) and the second when you publish your schedule and have your final participating team count. (If you estimate high, we will refund the difference.)

What if I have to cancel my tournament?

This really depends on when the tournament cancels and why. This help document is a more complete answer.

I heard that Google Maps starting charging for map use starting on July 16, 2018. My TourneyCentral tournament site uses Google Maps. Will this increase my costs?

No. We are committed to providing your guest teams with the best Real-Time experience possible and a quality map is part of that experience. While we had to make some changes due to the Google updating their APIs, we do not have plans to pass the costs onto the tournament event. We may also be looking at some other mapping options.

Do I have an SSL Cert for my soccer tournament event?

Yes. Your events runs on a *.tourneycentral.com address by default. Your SSL Cert on this domain is free. If you require https on your domain that you own, we can arrange that on a case-by-case basis.

Can I purchase and install your software on my server?

No. The TourneyCentral Software is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service.) This enables us to be able to provide the lastest features and benefits to you as timely as the soccer tournament industry demands.

Do you have a demo site I can play with?

Sure! Right here (Demo Website. If you want to see the admin modules, just drop us a note and we’ll connect up.

Which modules are part of the standard web package? Can I assign log-in passwords to people so they have access to just certain modules?

The standard modules are: Team Applications, Team/Club Marketing, Web Site Maintenance (Rules, about, etc pages), Scheduling and Scoring. (See our pricing to determine what is right for your soccer tournament.) Additionally, if you use an outside photographer, they have access to a module that allows them to link up game photos to their web site directly from your schedule.

Yes, you are able to assign each user to as many (or as few) modules as they need. For example, scoring volunteers only need access to the scoring module, not the entire team admin area.

Does my event come with a domain name?

Beginning Jan 1, 2024, we will no longer include a paid domain names for your tournament event, though you are strongly encouraged to do so on your own and forward it to your site (do not use masking! This feature has been deprecated by Google and GoDaddy … if you need help doing this, we can do the whole thing for you on GoDaddy.) Each event will be setup with a URL that resembles accountname.tourneycentral.com This allows us more flexibility with server updates, API resources with third-party sites and other security features for your site such as https.

If TourneyCentral has purchased and holds a domain name for you, you need to claim ownership before the domain expires. If you fail to claim your domain before it expires, we can not help you get it back. We will alert you of your expiration date in an alert in your system messages, but you will be responsible for requesting it from us (all requests will be verified.) If you do not know your renewal day, contact us and we’ll let you know, Or do a WHOIS search on your domain.

Do I need to purchase a separate domain for my tournament event?

No, but we encourage you to select a domain that closely resembles your tournament name. Since you own your domain, you will be responsible for forwarding it to your tournament website, keeping it current and paying whatever fees your registrant requires.

If TourneyCentral purchased the domain name prior to 2023, who owns it?

You do.

I only want the schedule and scores module. Can I purchase just those modules?

No. Our tournament managment system is based on a “bottom up” approach, i.e., we take care of the needs of your guest teams, their family and fans… and everything else takes care of itself.

There is much more to a tournament than the games and our modules are all tightly integrated with each other to help you manage the ENTIRE tournament.

If you are looking for JUST scheduling software, there are a bunch of companies out there that can provide that for you. Just Google for them.

We have our own scheduling program, like it and don’t want to change. Can your software work with our program?

Yes and kinda. We recognize that most events already have scheduling systems in place that work for them. If your software can export a text or XLS file that has date, time, place and teams, we can import it into the web-based Scheduling Module.

I am a vendor or hotel and would like to provide services to your tournaments. Can you hook me up?

Each tournament negotiates its own deals with hotels and partner organizations. You should contact each tournament directly.

Do you do small-sided 3v3 or 4v4 events? Or indoor tournaments?

We only host small-sided events if your organization has a full-sided event with TourneyCentral and only if you are using the small-sided event as a side fund-raiser or exhibition event. Our focus is full-sided, competitive tournaments.

I run a recreational soccer tournament. Is TourneyCentral right for me?

Again, not really. While it may appear on the surface that competitive and recreational events have the same needs, they really are two very different cultures. Our product is tuned to the specific needs of competitive soccer teams. It would not be fair to you or your guest teams to attempt to stuff them into the competitive soccer culture.