Software Features

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Team Applications

The team applications module is the hub for managing everything about your guest teams, from application to recording payment, team lists, acceptance etc.

The team application module also includes a broadcaster where you can select to send an email as a plain text message or a fancy HTML message. You can also use the mailer to send a Text Message to their wireless device, useful for game delays, etc.

Advertising and Sponsors

One of the most time-consuming tasks a tournament director does is manage sponsors and advertisers! The advertising module is a centralized hub where ALL the advertising activities are managed easily. By pooling all the intellectual property (IP) of the tournament in one place, it ensures a continuity from year to year.

The advertising module allows you to generate invoices and statements, set up web-based advertising easily and keep track of an advertiser’s activity from year to year.

The advertising module is tied in tightly with the team advertising reports, so if your club or organization relies on teams and parents to sell advertising, everyone can easily see what each team is assigned and has sold.


Real-Time™ Schedules and changes are key to an efficiently-run tournament event. The scheduling module allows you to set up division, schedule games and play with times behind the scenes. When you are ready to make it public, you can publish the schedule with one click.

Even if you prefer to work with your own scheduling tool, we can import the data quickly into the scheduling module.

Create game cards and printed program pages from the on-line schedule. And since the schedule is the same file used by the referee schedule, when you update it once, it gets updated everywhere.


Keep score in Real-Time™ with the scoring module. The standings are built directly from the scores in Real-Time™. And the person scoring does not even need to be at the park.. just reachable by phone and on the Internet.


The referee module is your hub for managing the referees. From their application to the schedule to accepting games and requesting open games, it is all Real-Time™.

A tight integration with the game schedule ensures that all updates happen with the referee schedule as well.


Manage your hotels quickly and easily with the hotel module. Mark the amenities, whether or not the hotel is sold out and track requests for rooms. Your hotel module can be customized depending on your hotel program, whether you work with a housing agency, book rooms yourself or allow your guest teams to make their own rooming decisions.

Other Modules

Web Maintenance Module
From changing the message on your front page to editing the rules and about pages to managing the FAQs and Lost and Found, the Web maintenance module helps keep all the dynamic parts of your web site up-to-date easily.

Central to the Web maintenance module is your control panel where you can set deadline dates, costs, etc.

Planner Module
Keeping track of deadlines and who is supposed to do what can be a daunting task for even the most organized tournament director. And it can be worse when there is a change in tournament directors. Keep all your activities and deadlines organized with the planner module.

Help Module
The help module is a detailed database of step-by-step procedures on each module as well as a collection of sample documents for acceptance, confirmation, marketing and other tournament document needs. The help file also includes help files that guide your guest teams, referees and site visitors to complete the forms correctly. The help is written in “plain language” with almost no technical jargon to wade through. Each help topic is posed as a “How do I…?” question with a step-by-step answer, complete with screenshots and video where necessary.

Admin Users
Not everyone on your staff needs access to everything all the time. Because a TourneyCentral solution is modular-based, you can choose who has access to what module and when!