Snapchat and Periscope updates

Just when we’ve written and published the definitive guide to using social media for your tournament, The Game Through Glass, Snapchat and Periscope made changes. The changes are good and will work well to extend your on-field coverage even more so they are worth knowing about.

Snapchat now supports URLs and we’ve integrated your Snapchat account into your TourneyCentral Web Maintenance Module>Variables
Put your snapchat handle into the snapchat field and the link will get built on the sidebar of your desktop as well as the social media bar in your mobile app. When a user clicks on the snapchat icon from their phone, it will open the Snapchat app and add you to their friend list.

IMG_9799 IMG_9798

Periscope is now in-line with your twitter account. When you start up a Periscope stream, it will pop into your twitter stream as a live video. Your audience does not need to follow you on Periscope or even download the app to watch your livestream (though to comment, they will need to)

Get on Social
Two more reasons why your tournament should be on social media and bring your tournament fans closer to your event.