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Five free things to give your soccer dad for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day again and millions of soccer dads are gearing up to spend most of it at the soccer fields at a tournament somewhere. But before the magic day comes, there will be millions of soccer players coming off the fields, tired from playing two games. And they are stressed out because they still haven’t bought that perfect Father’s Day present.

If you are one of these soccer players, gather ’round; this article is for you.

As a soccer dad, I used to kinda dread Father’s Day. I always told my kids I needed nothing and really meant it. Nonetheless, we would almost always go out to a restaurant for dinner after a tournament — later if we won the final — with a bunch of other tired soccer dads who secretly just wanted to get home and nap.

So, kids, here are five free things you can give your soccer dad on Father’s Day that he will really like:

1. Be his Concession Gopher. Whatever your dad wants from the concession stand at the tournament, go get for him. No arguments, no “mom doesn’t want you eating that.” Really, just make it happen.

2. An early morning text saying “Happy Father’s Day. I love you.” If you can beat your siblings to it, all the better; you’ll be his favorite for the day (kidding…)

3. Staying quiet in the back seat even when he gets lost. Yes, he knows he is lost and you’ll be late and it is his fault, but not telling him will be a huge gift. Really.

4. Have fun on the field. Sure he’d like you to score and lead the team to victory, but he’d much rather you enjoyed your day at the tournament.

5. A hug before going to bed. You don’t even need to say anything.