MASC declares boys champions

FAIRFIELD – According to its Web site, the 2008 MidAmerican Soccer Classic (MASC) declared the following teams champions within their divisions for the boys weekend.

BU08Gold, WC United B99 Red; BU09Bronze, Canton Celtic 99 White; BU09Copper, Cesa FC; BU09Gold, Sycamore Arsenal – Black; BU09Silver, WASA Eagles Wings; BU10Bronze, U-10 Ohio Elite Soccer Academy Gold; BU10Copper, Hilliard FC Nitro; BU10Gold, KASC Elite 97; BU10Silver, Team Ohio FC Arsenal; BU11Gold, Warren County United United Blue B96; BU11Silver, Michigan Rush Swoosh; BU12-8v8, Michigan Rush Swoosh; BU12Bronze, CFC Fury; BU12Copper, LUSC Firehawks Black; BU12Gold, WC United Blue 95; BU12Silver, Magic White 96; BU13Bronze, Warrior 94; BU13Copper, WASA Global Red; BU13Gold, Team Ohio FC Sparta; BU13Silver, FOSC Storm; BU14Bronze, FOSC Force U-14 Boys; BU14Copper, Toledo Football Academy; BU14Gold, Toledo Football Academy U14 Premier; BU14Silver, Cincinnati United Premier White; BU15Bronze, MTSC Storm; BU15Copper, Toledo Football Academy; BU15Gold, Lakota Eagles; BU15Silver, Michigan Rush Nike; BU16Bronze, Toledo Football Academy U16 Premier; BU16Copper, SKY FC 92; BU16Gold, CESA FC U-16; BU16Silver, Livonia Meteors; BU17Bronze, Team Ohio FC Black; BU17Gold, FOSC Blitz; BU17Silver, CUP 91 White; BU19Gold, FOSC KRUE and BU19Silver, FOSC United.

The girls teams play this coming weekend at the same locations in Fairfield, Oh. For complete information on the MASC soccer tournament, including real-time scores, standings and photos, visit the Web site at

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