01: Set up tournament divisions

Read the definition of TOURNAMENT DIVISION first

  1. In the Scheduling Module, select Set up Tournament Divisions from the Action drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Go! button.
  3. Enter the division name in the Division field.
  4. Enter the Gender
  5. Enter the Age
  6. Select the sort order how you would like the divisions to appear on your website.
    -For example if you had Gold, Bronze, and Silver divisions; Gold would be 1, Bronze 2, and Silver 3.
  7. Select the game type
  8. Select if there will be extra games or not.
  9. Select how many brackets
  10. Select how many teams per bracket.
  11. Click the Add button.

To EDIT divisions already in place, make first delete any division you will not be using. Then add any new ones. Finally, make all the changes in place on the remaining divisions and click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

More Settings
The minimum settings for the divisions are at the top screen. However, you can set up more settings for each division by clicking on the “More” link. The graphic below illustrates the options available.

00: Overview
01: Set up tournament divisions
02: Set game times and dates
03: Set up venues and playing fields
04: Create Placeholder Teams
05: Placing Teams into Tournament Divisions/Groups
06: Update and/or review your tie-breaker rules.
07: Schedule games by division
08: Review and publish