What is a billable “accepted” participating team?

We’ve struggled with a precise definition of this for years but always come up short. For the lawyers and accountants, the definition below will have to suffice, even though it is imprecise.

A billable, accepted team is one that is participating in the tournament that has been accepted or scheduled into the tournament, regardless of whether or not the team is a host club team playing for free or been comped to fill a bracket or ends up forfeiting or withdrawing.

We also settle to the net number of teams, so if an accepted team withdraws but is filled with another team, we don’t invoice for two teams, even though by definition above, that is two accepted teams.

We’re not bean-counters here so it is not uncommon for one or two teams to slip in every now and again after we cut your final invoice. But we don’t like to be “bean-counted.”

It might be a bit old-fashioned in today’s data-driven world, but we view our relationship as a long-term partnership where the overall net is a win-win for everyone.