What if my tournament cancels, what do I owe?

This really depends on when the tournament cancels and why.

Each event is billed TWO invoices; an initial COMMITMENT FEE and a PRODUCTION FEE. The PRODUCTION FEE is the total number of participating teams at the billing rate, minus the COMMITMENT FEE. We use the final participating teams as a basis for invoicing as that number is the most convenient and tangible for calculating costs.

Special cancellation rule due to lack of interest in a FIRST YEAR tournament only
About half the time, a first-year tournament will cancel due to lack of interest. It is hard these days to get a tournament off the ground. We know that and will take the risk with you if you show good faith. We also ask that you estimate your final teams low, so that your first invoice will not exceed your final team count.

If you end up canceling but have not accepted or scheduled teams, we will not invoice for the final amount. If you want to try again next year and make a good faith effort to get your event off the ground (i.e., sanction, market, etc) we will roll your commitment fee invoice into the next year. (If you decide to call it quits, your commitment fee invoice payment is used to cover our work to date on setting your event up, etc.) If your second year is unsuccessful, we’ll use your commitment fee invoice payment to cover our work and start the invoicing anew.

Cancellation due to weather, sudden field loss, protests, pandemic, acts of war/insurrection, acts of nature, etc.
You can plan pretty much everything except the weather and other acts of nature. We really hate to see a tournament come together nicely and be cancelled at the last minute, either in whole or in part. But it happens and the question of who owes who what and why comes into play.

The TourneyCentral site is an entire system designed to communicate quickly with your teams, not just a scheduling program, even though that may be the most visible part. The games are just the very last activity in a very long process. When disaster strikes, it enables you to keep your teams informed and your event fully marketed offline and online. The commitment fee we bill and base on the projected or past accepted teams covers this portion of the total fee and is non-refundable should your event cancel for any reason, including acts of nature.

As a general rule, once the teams have been accepted and scheduled and we have cut an invoice covering the final count, it becomes due and payable, regardless of whether or not the tournament has to cancel or truncate any part of the event. If this presents an exceptional hardship, call us; we’ll work with you.

We recommend you get event coverage insurance and that coverage includes TourneyCentral invoices.