General Email Broadcast Guides

1. Separate topics with headers in ALL CAPS, followed by a return. Then place the direct URL, with link, on a sparate line after the copy. DO NOT PLACE A (.) AFTER THE URL.


2. Be short and specific.
3. Use action words: Go, Do, See, Visit, Apply, etc.
4. Keep the number of announcement paragraphs short and send messages more frequently.
5. Tailor your announcements to your audience. Coaches vs general messages. In your coaches’ version, encourage them to encourage the parents/grandparents to use the site. In your general audience message, speak directly to them.
6. Start broadcasting every other day at least two weeks out. Broadcasts will increase your site traffic 3-10x from the previous day, depending on the message.
7. Plug your sponsors shamelessly! If your sponsors are running a deal, link DIRECTLY to the deal and they will get lots of traffic.
8. Spelling. You would think that people have better things to do than correct your typos, but you would be sorely mistaken. Make sure you have no typos BEFORE you send out the email.
9. Link DIRECTLY to the page you are referring to in your announcement. Don’t just send the visitor to your home page.
10. Have your DURING EVENT and AFTER EVENT announcements pre-written. You will be too busy and tired to think about a meaningful message. We produce a bunch of traffic ALL DAY and nothing says “stale news” like last night’s “Thank You” when you want to say this morning’s “Welcome” Typical traffic bubbles are; Early morning (5:00am til about 9:00) then again at 11:00-2:00 and again starting about 5:00 and going until 1:00am, Sunday early afternoon starts a lot of traffic and the evening of your last day is your big traffic day.

A typical announcement cycle: Customize for your own event. Some of the annoucements are repeated, but said differently to appear fresh. Also, place the more urgent announcements at the top of the email.

Be sure to have a message ready to go when the tournament has concluded. Really, this little thing WILL set you apart from the pack.