Tournament PulsePoint™

Each TourneyCentral tournament site comes with built in trending and tracking tools that calculates economic impact, web site traffic, geographic reach and real-time mapping of guest teams.

For your sponsors and advertisers, you can track unique users, age views and demographic data that indicates affluence such as average home value and income.

Instead of automatically refreshing, the PulsePoint Data will now only be rebuilt manually by the SuperUser. This will allow a faster login procedure, especially for scorekeepers at the fields. When the PulsePoint data is older than four hours, the login screen will reflect that and the SuperUser will be given an opportunity to rebuild the data files from the Admin Messages Module, only visible to the SuperUser.

The PulsePoint™ is available to the SuperUser from a tab at the top level log-in screen.

Soccer Tournament PulsePoint™

Soccer Tournament PulsePoint™