Rolling forward to the next year

Congratulations and welcome back to TourneyCentral for another year! This help document assumes you have already been through at least one season of using TourneyCentral and you are now rolling your tournament forward.

Step 1: Contact us when you wish to roll forward. Mostly likely, we have locked out the admin area to avoid premature resetting of critical data items like taking applications for the previous year, etc. Once we have reset your current years, you are then ready to go. If you need a team list and schedule from the previous year, ask for this BEFORE we roll you forward as extracting it after we do will require a charge of $100.00. (You grabbed this right after your tournament ended last year, right? 🙂 )

Step 2: We have now rolled forward your CURRENT YEAR and the DOB YEAR that calculates the dates each age group fits into. Your planner items have all been cleared and their dates have been rolled forward exactly one year. Your current teams have been dropped into the MARKETING MODULE.

The GAME SCHEDULE and ACCEPTED TEAMS have NOT been cleared from the side menus for a very specific reason. They are your best marketing for your upcoming tournament. Coaches want to see who participated in the tournament last year, how you seeded them, what your schedule was like and how the teams ended up. You are free to clear the teams by pressing the Clear Team Menu in the Applications Module and Unpublish the Schedule in the Scheduling Module. Once you do this, though, you can’t go back, so make sure you really, really, really want to do this.

Step 3: We will contact you to update the authorized contacts, verify invoicing and mailing addresses.

Step 4: You should update the following items as soon as possible to avoid confusing your guest teams:
Team Applications Module
– Application fees (gender, age, format)
– Competition levels (upper, lower, etc)
Web Maintenance Module
– Front page news items
– About Page
– Rules Page
– Web site variables to include dates, location, the fees description. Be sure to check/uncheck whether you want applying teams/clubs to appear on your site. As you will have none to begin with, you may want to hide this until a significant number of teams apply.
– Maps and Venues. If your field layouts may change, it is best to delete the field maps from each venue
– Update/Add FAQs
– Update your forms. Delete those that are specific to the previous year and roll the year forward for those that you can re-use. Upload your sanctioning/permission to host form. Make sure you check to make this visible in the variables.

Hotel Module
– Update hotels. If you marked them Sold Out, make sure they reflect an Available Rooms status

Scheduling Module
– Double check standings to make sure they are consistent with the rules. NOW is the time to make sure you don’t write rules the software can’t support (even though we find it hard to believe we didn’t think of every combination of tie-breaker…) If you write rules the software can’t calculate, you may want to revisit the rules.

Referee Module
– Unpublish the game schedule if it is still active to prevent referees from logging in.
– Add the dates and the appropriate AM/PM per day so the referee can indicate availability easily.

Admin Users Module
– Verify everyone who needs access to the site is active and they know their password. IF YOU ARE NOT THE SUPERUSER, PLEASE DO NOT ASK TOURNEYCENTRAL FOR YOUR PASSWORD. You must get that from your SuperUser. At some point, we will limit the number of admin users to under 5, so please give out access thoughtfully.

That is about it. We recommend you do all of the above things in one fell-swoop to avoid parts of your site from not being updated as things get busy. Later almost never comes.

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