Adding and Removing Access to the Admin Section

To edit the user access to the administration part of your event software, sign in to the admin screen through http://(your url here).com/admin.

Then scroll to the bottom until you see the Administration Module. There there are fields labeled Name, Pwd, fields for all of the modules with check boxes underneath them, an edit button, and lastly a delete button.

Explanation for the Administration Module

The first two text fields are for the name and password for the user you would like to set up.

The fields for the check boxes are for the privileges you wish to grant that specific user.

The edit button is there for when you want to add the user or when you have modified a current user. This button should be clicked to save the edits you have made to the user list.

The delete button is there, so that you can control access to your administration side of your event.

With the coming software update in January 2010 you will only be able to give access to a maximum of five people.

**Please Note only the SuperUser has the ability to see/edit this module, If you need your password reset or access to the administration side of the event please contact them. The SuperUser is you tournament director.**