Addressing health requirements in a pandemic

Yes, post signs that may be required by your state, your state association in exchange for sanctioning as well as local municipalities. But we recommend you give your soccer tournament even additional protection by including pandemic containment behaviors in as part of your official rules. That way, if a team, player, parent, coach, referee, staff or volunteer does not agree with wearing a mask, it does not become a “rights” issues, but rather a condition of participation.

We never recommend blind copy-paste and always consult your legal representation before including anything in your official rules.

In addition, many state associations are requiring a Return to Activity (RTA) waiver for players, coaches and referees. You should be aware what your state association requires for your event. Here is the page from Ohio South.

Here is some sample language to get you started. Again, JUST A SUGGESTION! Do not copy/paste blindly.

Pandemic containment
The tournament complies with all prevailing health department, state and local orders. All participants are expected to comply with these orders as a condition of attending the event.

In addition, the tournament requires the following:
– Coaches will wear a properly fitting face mask at all times while in the venue.
– Players will wear a face mask at all times while not competing in a game on the pitch. Players are also encouraged to maintain distance from each other on the pitch whenever possible.
– Players and coaches will maintain a distance of at least six feet between each other while on the sideline.
– Referees will wear a properly fitted mask at all times while on the venue.
– Spectators for each team will be limited to a maximum of X per game, and be required to wear a properly fitted face mask and maintain a minimum distance of six feet between each other while on the touchline. While vocal support is encouraged, pulling the face mask down while doing so will be grounds for being ejected from the venue.
– No tunnels or handshake lines are allowed.
– Anyone within the venue and not in their vehicle will wear a properly fitted mask and maintain a recommended minimum distance of six feet at all times while on the venue.

Failure to adhere to the health safety rules while on the tournament venue will be grounds for ejection from the tournament. Please don’t put either of us in a position where your child or coach will not be allowed to compete.