Add-ons and Discounts

You can set up to charge additional value-added services to your application as well as set up marketing discounts on your Team Application. It is important to note that the team will need to opt into these services when they apply though you can certainly add them to their application on the back end, if you choose to offer that.

You can add on as many additional paid services as you would like, though there is probably a practical limit. For example, you may wish to hold opting-out of Friday night games or early Saturday morning scheduling as a premium. Other popular options might be no-conflict scheduling for coaches with multiple teams or refundable fees (though you should check with your local and state laws as this might constitute a regulated insurance product)

You should keep the add-ons as simple as possible as they are designed to be upcharges to the single team application. Avoid designing offers that require a certain number of teams or making one add-on conditional. Each add on will ADD to the application fee. Do not rely on teams to select this add-on OR that add-on. Conversely, a discount will subtract from the fees. Only ONE discount may be claimed per team application, though you can apply another on the back end, if you choose.

Setting up add-ons and discounts

1. In the Team Applications Module>Set up Add-Ons/Discounts>GO! to go to the set up screen.

2. If you have set up Add-ons/Discounts prior, they will be listed below. You can edit the details of one or more and update all changes by clicking Save Changes. You can delete any code that has not been used, but once it has been used, the delete link will be removed. Inactive codes will appear on a red line. You can make a code that has been used prior and will not be available for future applications, but will remain intact for teams who have used it prior. Inactive simply drops it off the team application. You might use this if you only wanted to offer to a limited number of teams.

To add a new code, use the top line.

  • The sort code is how the Add-on will appear on your application.
  • The amount should be in the format #.## An add-on will be positive, a discount negative.
  • The code is a short (max 15 characters) to quickly identify the add-on or discount. In the case of a discount, it is the code you will tell the team to enter EXACTLY and in ALL CAPS. If you enter a space or any other character other than [0-9][A-Z] it will be eliminated.
  • The title is the top line, short description, max 30 characters
  • The description is the longer explanation, max 650 characters

Click Add to add the add-on/discount to your admin.

How add-ons/discounts appear on the team application

1. When teams click on the Apply menu, if you have Add-ons assigned, they will appear on the front application page prior to them clicking through to the actual applications. Discounts will not be listed as it is assumed they will be used in marketing materials or through a separate offer. If you intend for every teams to take advantage of a discount, like an Early Bird, you should edit your Register Page in the Website Maint Module, in a front news story or both to disclose the discount code.

2. When the team completes their application and you have add-ons available, they will be repeated at the bottom of the form with two buttons, “Submit Application” and “YES! I want add-ons” If a team submits their application and later changes their mind about the add-ons, they will have to contact the tournament to manually add the option. (In the case of a cancellation protection fee, for example, you don’t want teams to sign up for it weeks before your event.)

If the team clicks through to YES! but then changes their mind, there is a button that says “I’ve changed my mind.” Regardless, a click on either button submits their team application, but if they have clicked “YES!” the final calculation of their fees and their payment coupon is generated AFTER the second submission. (The team can always retrieve their payment coupon by logging into their team application.)

3. The team can select one or all of the Add-Ons on the second screen they will be presented after they click on the “YES! I want add-ons” button. The cost of each selection will be added to the fee, minus the discount if that was also entered.

4. Discount codes are entered by the team near the top of the application. If there is no match on an active discount code, they will get an error box and an opportunity to re-enter it.

Managing add-on charges and discounts

1. When a team selects an Add-on or Discount, it will be added to their teams record in the Team Applications>Manage Team Applications>GO! under the Msgs column, [ADJ]+ for Adjustments. If there have been add-ons or discounts applied, there will be a number next to the ADJ. In addition, you will see a notepad icon in the Seed column as well as a notepad icon in your Scheduling Module when you are ready to schedule. This will contain the add-on code the team paid for.

2. To view, adjust or manually add an add-on or discount to the team, click on the ADJ in the team row. (or if you are in the Team Detail screen, you can click on the Record Adjustments link) This is also where you can record adjustments that are only available as an admin like comp fees, discounting fees independent of your public marketing discounts, etc. This is the ONLY way you can adjust the fees. A + will add, a – will subtract.

If you wish to adjust on an Add-on or Discount, you will need to enter it as an admin-type adjustment as the system will lookup the standard price and code of any selected add-on/discount. For example, if you wished to add an additional $10 to an EARLYBIRD for a simgle team, you should enter it as – 10.00, Other and give a reason. Selecting EARLY BIRD will just force another $50 discount.

3. To generate a report of all add-ons and discounts issued, select Team Applications Module>Team Fees Adjustments Report (XLS)>GO! A table will be built and if you would like to export the data as an XLS, click to download and save to your drive as you would a Team Apps, Schedule or Referee export.