01: Planner – Overview

There are three screen views for the Planner Module; Overview of the whole event, Committee Definition and People.

The Overview will be your most used view. From there, you can mark it complete, add members, email the committee members, add/edit an activity and if necessary, delete an activity.

If you have used the Planner Module for your event last year, all of the dates have been rolled forward a year automatically. You should tweak them to fit your calendar better, especially if you have moved your event to a new weekend.

Setting up:
You should do these things in order.
1) Add all the people you wish to assign to activities. You can include various roles you may not ever assign activities to and include as a member of the committee. You will need to have a person signed up to assign an activity.

2) Set up your Committees.

3) Set up Activities in each Committee.

4) Assign people to Activities.

Emailing Committee Members
If a committee has members assigned, there will be an email icon to the left of the Add/Edit Members button. Click that, deselect anyone you do not wish to email, fill in your subject and message and send.

0. Overview
1. People
2. Committees
3. Activities