03: Standings

The standings for each division are calculated ONCE when the score changes for that division and is written to a cached file. That way, we can serve up the standings quickly without each website visitor having to fire off a trip to the database and recalculate standings that have not changed. This is self-managing, meaning that the system will compare the last time a score for that division was updated with the date of the standings cache file with each visit. If it needs to, it will recalculate.

Any trip to a standings link from the admin side, however, will fire off a fresh recalculation.

When you enter the scores, the confirmation screen will determine which divisions have been updated and ask if you want to recalculate the standings for each division at that time. If you have time to do so, we strongly encourage you do. Recalculating standings at the time you enter scores is the most preferable, though not absolutely necessary to be done immediately.

If you have some time between rounds and you have not been recalculating the standings immediately after updating the scores, you may want to click on the “See All Division Standings” button and recalculate any division with a red dot.

Only Prelim/Pool games will be use to calculate the standings. No Fourth Round, Consolation, Post-Pool (Qtr, Semi, Final) games will be included in the calculation. If you are running a round robin with fourth round games that ultimately decide the winner of that division, you may wish to change the games to Prelim type games.

A coach/parent claims the math is wrong
The math is right. It has been “battle-tested” over 15+ years under every scenario possible by hundreds of tournaments.

What is more likely happening is the coach/parent does not agree with the calculations, doesn’t understand or is deliberately misinterpreting the nomenclature and is using the confusion of the tournament as cover to get you to give them an advantage. Their math arguments may sound legit and they will talk fast, but they would be wrong. They are hoping to sow doubt in your mind.

Regardless, you should never change the tiebreakers once you have set them after your event has commenced. Even if they are set inconsistently with your rules, every team will have been scored the same, so there really is no advantage to one team or the other.

If you decide to change the standings mid-tournament, set the new tiebreakers, making sure the “clear cache” is checked. Once you update, immediately go to your Scoring Module and recalculate every division. (not ENTIRELY necessary, but this will recalculate based on your changes, elimiating any inconsistencies as soon as possible.)

If you have set rules that the tiebreaker module cannot accommodate (not likely, but possible, especially if you are being creative) or if you don’t agree with the software math, you have two choices:

  1. Live with the software rules as close as possible and edit your rules.
  2. Turn off the standings display and calculate everything by hand.

Best practices, though, is if you are changing your tie-breaker rules from a previous year, it is best to TEST them FIRST before the tournament begins.

Note: If you feel we should add a tie-breaker rule, we will consider it. Simply complete this form and describe in detail how you wish to see the math. However, we will not — under any circumstances — re-write software rules while your tournament event is going on. Please plan and test your rules with lots of advance time accordingly.