02: Advancing Teams

This function should be assigned to only ONE person at a time. If more than one person advances teams, they may over-write the other, causing some frustration. If more than one person advances, you should filter the games to only include one specific division.

1. Select “Advance Teams” from the Action Menu™ and click GO! Any game that is not a pool/prelim game will be listed, with drop downs for the competing teams. If the game description appears in red, the scores for all the Pool/Prelim games are not complete. You may still advance the teams, but you may may not want to rely on the posted scores for the results.

2. You should first click on the “S” in the upper left corner to verify the standings. This will fire off a recalculation, just to make sure the latest scores are included. Verify all teams have played the same number of games and there are no 3-way ties. If the points are razor-thin close, you may wish to verify the scores on the schedule first before advancing the team.

If your rules throw out the H2H on a 3-way tie, you can force a calculation that ignores H2H with the link to ignore the H2H. If you agree with the new calculation, apply the team pairings shown. If not, click the Standings link to the left to restore using H2H.

Sometimes, the calculations may not necessarily advance the team you want because the rules were mis-applied throughout the weekend or something else happened on the field that may disqualify the leading teams. Team advancement is intentionally not automated to give the tournament director final say on the advancement.

3. Both sides of the game MUST have a team selected or the game update will be ignored. You will not be able to advance FINAL GAMES until you enter scores for SEMIs, no SEMI advancing until QTRs are scored, etc.

4. Be sure to click “Update Teams to Advance” at the bottom and double check the public schedule for the correct teams display.