Sample Broadcasts Snippets

The following snippets of text are merely ‘serving suggestions’ for you to edit to fit your event. You are STRONGLY urged to read and re-read the copy and edit as necessary. PLEASE DO NOT MERELY CUT AND PASTE AND SEND OUT IN A BROADCAST.

Use at your own risk; provided AS IS. You should ALWAYS assume that you will find something that is inaccurate or just plain wrong in the following copy. Don’t blame us if you fail to read and/or edit for mistakes, typos, test the links or anything else contained herein.

These snippets are designed to be cut and pasted to make complete broadcasts, depanding on the topic. You should send them out as they are appropriate for your event.

Place at the top of each broadcast. Keep it rolling by removing deadlines that have already passed. COACHES RESPOND TO THINGS THAT SAY DEADLINE!
Monday, XX/XX/XXXX: T-shirt and pin Pre-orders
Saturday, XX/XX/XXXX: Something
Thursday, XX/XX/XXXX: Something else

Now you can get scores update notices on Twitter. Just follow @tourneycentral ( (or search for #EVENT.) Each time the scores are updated, we will send a tweet out with the division(s) that are updated along with a link to the tournament site. Using Twitter is best from a Web-enabled smart phone such as iPhone or Blackberry, but you can configure your Twitter account to send you text messages when we update.

You can also use Twitter to post up a spirit message. Just send the tweet to @tourneycentral and be sure to use the tag #EVENT If the player or fan is also on Twitter, be sure to include their Twitter account as well so it shows up in their stream.

Wondering how to use Twitter? Check out this video ( If you don’t have an account, the soccer tournament is a perfect excuse to get on Twitter. It’s free!

Please take a moment to verify that all the information on your application is correct. Using your TEAM ID NUMBER posted above, please visit the web address below to make edits to your application, if needed. Any changes to application can be made online until XX/XX/XXXX

Again this year, we will invite college coaches to attend the Tournament Development Event Invitational. Last year, we had 38 college coaches attend to watch players. Your players will be given an opportunity to complete a profile and have this available for the coaches who attend. As the event draws nearer, we will have more information about the college profiles.

U14 and older only, please!
COACHES: Please log into your team application page and enter your TEAM LIST, including player names, position and jersey number. Once you enter this information for your team, you can use the Team List to send an email with a password to each player. Each player can then complete their detailed profile so college coaches can search the profiles.

Have you reserved your hotel rooms yet? Some hotels are already full and many are receiving requests daily for rooms. Don’t get caught up in the mad scramble to book a room at the last minute. Visit the hotel area on our web site today to request rooms.

We are beginning to post up restaurant and tournament deals as receive them from our sponsors. Many of these are good discounts for meals and entertainment. We encourage you and your parents to check the web site often and search the travel database.

Tournament deals are available from local businesses. Please visit the deals page and encourage your team and parents to support the businesses who help make the Tournament Development Event Invitational possible. You can also visit the Tournament Deals by clicking on the red coupon along the left side of any page on the web site.

Have you made your lunch and dinner plans while you will be at the tournament yet? Why not “stroll” on over to our Tournament Deals button on the left side of every page to check out what local restaurants are featuring. We’re adding new deals all the time!

Be sure to check out the travel section by clicking on the Tournament Deals! Button in the left rail on any page of the web site.

Has your team ordered t-shirts yet? Get a great pre-tournament price on orders placed now. Last year, we ran out of pins due to a heavy amount of pre-orders. We ordered more this year, but don’t run the risk of not getting your pin because of a late order. See the design and download the order form on the web site.

The schedules are expected on or about xx/xx/xxxx. Please do not email asking when they will be available. When the schedules are available on the web site, we will send an email to the primary and alternate email address(es) used when you applied. It is very important that you notify us of an email change by using the form at (Please DO NOT EMAIL as this may cause a delay in making the change.) As with the acceptance packets, we will NOT be mailing (USPS) the schedules. If there is a change to a schedule, you will be sent an email notifying you of this. Updating the web site is the fastest, most efficient way for us to communicate a change, so please double check your schedule on the web site.

The schedules are now available on line. Please check your schedule by selecting your division in the drop down menu in the upper left corner of any web page, under the GAME SCHEDULES

Check and double check that you have all the form necessary for registration. If a player is missing a form, they will not be allowed to play. *All guest players outside STATE MUST BE VALIDATED by their STATE ASSOCIATION. There will be no exceptions to this rule.*

Your registration requirements may vary, but the important thing is to MAKE A LIST. The list below is a SAMPLE ONLY.
Check and double check that you have all the form necessary for registration. If a player is missing a form, they will not be allowed to play. *All guest players outside STATE MUST BE VALIDATED by their STATE ASSOCIATION. There will be no exceptions to this rule.*

What you need for team registration…

If registering under USYS, you will need to provide�the following:
1. Original State Approved Roster and one copy of that roster to leave with the tournament
2. Validated Player Pass Cards..both rostered players and guest players
3. Validated Coaches Pass for each coach, if applicable. Maximum of 3
4. Medical Release for each player. You may use your teams own forms.
5. Tournament Liability Form which must be signed by all players and a parent or guardian
6. Travel Permit if outside of STATE
7. Guest Player Roster approved and validated by the state in which the player is registered

US Club Soccer Requirements
If registering under US Club Soccer affiliation, you will need to provide the following:
1. Approved Official Roster
2. Medical Release Form for each player. You may use your own team form if you already have one.
3. Validated Player Pass for each player
4. Validated Coaches Pass for each coach..maximum of 3 coaches
5. Tournament Liability Release Form signed by all players and a parent or guardian

*Players over the age of 18 may sign their own forms