01: What emails goes out when a team applies

When a team applies, these things happen:

1. We write the app data to a text file back up (internal recovery if needed)
2. We send an email copy to the APPS role in your Email Distribution
3. We send a copy of the payment coupon/confirmation to the primary email used in the app
4. We send a text message to the cell number they provide if they checked that (it is checked by default)
5. We feedback the web page with the payment coupon
6. We write the record to the database so you can manage it in your Team Apps Module
7. We send a copy of the email app to our “Big Bucket” gmail account

All of this assumes that some of these will go to spam or be killed off at the receiving email server end.. we can absolutely guarantee we SEND the emails out, but if the sysadmin or ISP of the RECEIVING email server thinks your site is spam, little we can do..

BUT the text message AND the email at least hopes that at least one of these confirmations go through. This might be a bit problematic for a team admin who is submitting multiple apps, one after the other… the algorithms on the RECEIVING MAIL SERVER may assume the first one is good, but the next several are spam because they are a bit identical and coming from the same server in rapid succession….

SOOOOOO… we have a password reminder that will gather all of the apps that were sent by that one password and list the loginIDs … on your front page, right under the login field…

Also, when you send a message to the teams through the Team Apps Module, i.e., to welcome them, remind them payment is due, send an email after you accept them, etc.. whatever your internal processes are — the TeamID along with the team name is on the top of the email so they always have access to that.

AOL, Yahoo, HotMail are all problematic email services as they are grossly unreliable. We encourage you to advise your teams to use a Gmail account when signing up their teams.