00. What happens after my tournament?

With the internet, your soccer tournament is a 365/24/7 event. As such, your website will stay active for the current season until you tell TourneyCentral to roll it forward for the next. Make a commitment early for next year. Get your sanctioning forms completed, lock down the venue and the dates, sign the hotel contracts, get yourself on the calendar and turn your web site over to next year. Make it real as soon as you can.

Here is what you can expect until you roll your event forward for the next season.

Immediately following your tournament:

  • The application will be explicitly closed.
  • The preorder apparel flag in the left rail will be inactivated
  • The team login will be removed.
  • Any front page news that is NOT a thank you message will be expired to avoid confusion.
  • The countdown on the front page will be toggled to say “The [YEAR] [TOURNAMENT] has concluded.”
  • The current year teams and schedules will remain.
  • The referee schedules will be unpublished, the application link and login will be removed.

Approximately four months after your tournament:

  • The admin will be locked down and a link to request a roll forward to the next season will be put in place.

You should IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the conclusion of your tournament, export the team data, schedules and standings files as well as the information on team distribution, etc for your post-tournament report and community meeting such as CVBs who may wish to gauge economic impact. After about four months after your event, this area will be locked down.