Your tournament logo

To create your website header, we need a tournament logo. The header file on each TourneyCentral site has these parts. This helps us establish a consistent look and feel among all the events we host to let your teams know that it is a quality event.

While you are free to hire a graphic designer to create this header file, it is highly recommended that you allow our highly skilled artists to create it for you. This will insure that all changes in size — should it become necessary — will be handled seamlessly.

Here is a standard header file and its parts:


Size: The header file in 906px wide x 105px tall at 72dpi. The format is gif. This is current as of 2016.

Part A: This is the event logo that is consistent year after year. This could also be the hosting club logo. If you have a current logo, we can generally work with whatever you have, however, words are usually an issue. It should be designed to fit within a square aspect ratio, however, this should not mean “take all our graphic elements and shrink it down to fit into a square.” Again, it should be designed to fit a square. This will also help you create avatars for your various social media spaces.

The preferred formats, in order are:
1) Illustrator, layers.
2) Photoshop, layered
3) PNG with a transparent background
4) PDF
5) JPG

We can usually work with anything you have as long as you trust us to do a good job for you. (we will) But if something truly is unusable, we’ll let you know quickly. WE want you to look as good as possible so we will generally have some solutions to work with what you have. You run a tournament, not a creative shop and we get that!

Part B: The event name. Usually it fits on one line and we can use the fonts that are contained in your tournament logo, your club site or something that reflects the event name, look and feel. If we need to split it up into multiple lines, we will do that skillfully. You need it to be easily ad quickly read. So do we.

Part C: The web address. This is usually set in Helvetica Neue Black, 18pt but we adjust based on the event. It is always top, flush right and will be set in the color that makes the most sense for the event usually white or black.

Part D: Most times (not always) we will pick up some unique element from your logo or club site and screen it back to tie the whole header together. In the event we don’t have anything or the elements would be too busy as to be distracting, we may go with a generic soccer ball or net pattern.