The Admin Screen – A Start

Admin Modules Tab
This is the first screen you will see when you login to the TourneyCentral admin.

The first tab, which is labeled 1 and highlighted by the red box, contains all of the admin modules. This is where most of the administrative work will take place for the event.

Message Center Tab
The second tab is the Message Center, again highlighted by the red box and labeled 2. In here all of the emails that go/come through the site are captured and sorted according to whom they were sent (Tournament Director, Referee Assignor, Advertising Director, etc…).

Tournament PulsePoint Tab

The Tournament PulsePoint tab, box 3, is where you are able to see the economic and demographic information in real time for your event. These are good things to know when seeking out advertising opportunities.

Tournament Store Tab

The Tournament Store Tab is currently in progress.. We will let you know when we decide the outcome of the development.