Print schedules for my program/posting

To print, make sure your “Print Backgrounds” is turned on if you want the shading to appear.

Ctrl-P to print. Print to PDF if you want to place them in a program layout file.

Note: Video has no sound.

In the Scheduling Module:
– Select the Division
– Check the data parts you want to appear
– Click on PROGRAM LAYOUT (not Go!)
– Select Print
– On a Mac, print to the PDF in the video. On Windows, select the Acrobat print driver
– Name your PDF file as the division
– Click Back
– Repeat for each division

Many page layout programs do not deal well with multiple-page PDF files. But IF they do or if you can split the pages, click here for the quick tutorial on making a multi-page file.

This is a quick tool to split PDF pages into single pages.