Overview of the Admin Messages Module.

The Admin Messages module is primarily used for TourneyCentral to notify the Tournament Director of invoicing and system messages.

Admin Messages Module

The first thing I will point out is where the messages will appear in the module, this is denoted with the box labeled 1. Here the message will be listed in chronological order, newest first. In order to see all of the messages throughout the years click on the drop down menu, Box 2. Select “See All Messages” and click the “Go!” button.

Admin Message Module

This will bring you to a screen like the one below. You will notice that all of the messages are sorted by year chronologically. Box 3 denotes the header columns; Date, ItemStatus, and Message. Box 4 denotes the Admin link. This link is standard for all of the Admin modules as a way to go back to the admin screen.

Admin Messages Module - See all Messages

The last operation in the Admin Messages Module is the ability to see the Software License. These are the terms and agreements to which the event accepts for using this software. The first thing to do is to click on the Action Menu. The drop down box will appear with the option “Software License”, denoted by Box 5. Select that option and then click the “Go!” button to the right. This will bring you to a screen showing all of the terms and agreements.

Admin Message Module - Software License