Changing Tournament Directors/SuperUsers

You changed tournament directors. You will need to change the SuperUser and your new director may need to be onboarded.

To change SuperUsers, simply contact TourneyCentral and we will do that for you OR your current SuperUser can change the name, email, password and PIN to the new SuperUser. In the event you wish TourneyCentral to do this for you, we will need an email cc:ed to all parties and the new SuperUser accepting the new role.

During the first year of a tournament, we provide extensive, unlimited training and assume there is a transition plan in place. In the event there is no transition plan (it happens!) and your new director needs training from the ground up, we charge $50/hour for the additional training.

In the SaaS agreement:
Software Training and Support
RSI will provide unlimited training for the SuperUser during the initial season of this agreement. In addition, an extensive library of product and process knowledge is published in the Help module, available to every person with a log-in ID. This library is updated regularly by RSI. EVENT understands that it is responsible for a reasonable amount of product knowledge retention and transfer to its staff for subsequent years. While RSI will support the software, RSI may charge an hourly rate of $50.00 to EVENT for re-training and/or training for event seasons beyond the initial season. Support shall be primarily via email.

TourneyCentral has agreements with qualified event management for the additional on-boarding.