Can I get a custom layout, fonts, etc for my tournament website?

Short answer, no.

The branding consistency with your site is contained in the graphic header and background color. The TourneyCentral sites are laid out like they are for a very specific reason; to give the teams confidence in knowing where to go and what to do with no fewer than one click. The feedback we get year after year from teams has been one of relief; a relief that they know where to go and they are in experienced hands when they get there.

If you have graphic design, UX/UI experience, don’t take this next thing I’m about to say personally, but the soccer market — with a VERY few exceptions — is dreadful with UX/UI, many designing their site with no clear “funnel” for the guest teams to know how to apply or get information about the event. Our sites are designed specifically to give them the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW MUCH with as little friction as possible, get them to apply, confirm, get news, get schedules and scores.

We constantly monitor this funnel and refine slightly if/when we see CTA (Call To Action) clicks being missed. If you take a look across the landscape and go to a few non-TourneyCentral sites, you’ll get a sense of the problem without much effort. The “formulaic” layout of our sites is by design and benefits your operational needs.

That said, if you want to set up a micro-site on your club site, funnel teams into that initially and then link off to our site when they are ready to apply and are confident of your UX/UI skills, you can certainly do that. However, if we register and manage a domain as part of the overall package we provide your event, we will continue to point to the front page of our site. If you choose to register your own domain and point to your landing page or micro-site on your club site, you would then need to use the format link we supply to get the teams to your tournament content.

In the future, we may consider releasing a custom CSS/white label for those events who have demonstrated design skills. If you are interested in being part of that test group if/when we make that available, just let us know.

When we set your site up, we’ll match the colors and header design to your logo/event. That is usually all the guest teams need to establish credibility and comfort they are in the right place.